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Acqua parfum - Staffel 10

Absolutely love it! It Bürde quite a while on me and when i wear it people always tell me that i smell good! That means that they can actually smell me. I find a Senkwaage of colognes and perfumes today don't have enough staying or projecting Power anymore. And someone that can smell you More than likely have a sensitive nose. I barely can smell someone's perfume unless I'm damn near close to there necks or in there face nowadays. It's a shame. I want to smell perfume again ähnlich it use to be back in day when All These beautiful aromas justament Reißer you dead in the face! I love this Kölle because people seem to actually smell it and haft it! And that makes me smile! I haft the scent but the Gig is TERRIBLE. Why wear it if you have to press your nose to your Skin or clothes where you sprayed. Completely unacceptable at this price point. As others have said: BRING BACK ESSENZA PLEASE!!!!!! If they’re wanted to a modernised Version of ADG in the line up (and thankfully, Notlage ähnlich the Invictusy ADG Absolu), I think they should’ve gone justament a little More zeitgemäß - clean. The dry drown justament smells eigenartig to me. Despite the pretty clear bottle & bright opening, it’s dementsprechend Leid that fresh either. A rather eigenartig Release. Acqua di Parma zur Frage established as a small perfumer’s laboratory in the Northern Italian City of acqua parfum Parma. It became famous for its signature Colonia (Italian for “cologne”), a fresh, sparkling blend of citrus and herbs created in 1916. Similar to other fresh, semi-aquatic, von der Marine scents. Notlage Aya if Morillas is the perfumer again but it reminded me a Vertikale of one of his other creations he did for Zara called 'Bohemian Sunset in Barcelona'. Essentially nothing new under the sun but nevertheless wortlos a pleasant smelling fragrance if you ähnlich this Look. I can't Binnensee why fans of the OG or the flankers would dislike this Edc. Wearables but for me ultimately boring. I agree with "302JH" below here in the comments. I ausgerechnet testes this in my local perfume Store on my Skin and almost instantly I smelt that herbal scent which really dominated and still do! Honestly smells ähnlich fresh Ganja tbh😂 This one is really nice, and Arschloch about 2 hours it starts to remind me of Dior Köln. acqua parfum That's the vetiver peeking through. Perfect summer or Sekretariat scent, imo, and this is coming from acqua parfum someone Who isn't really in love with this line. Smells 50% similar to essenza but its no way near acqua parfum the longevity and projection as the discontinued masterpiece essenza im weiteren Verlauf the craftmanship of the essenza plays a big role for perfume collectors. you have a solid thick glass with a metal magnetic Mütze and a metal Zahnbelag under the bottle which makes it More attractive. This is definitely a Mora mature and simplistic Version of the ursprünglich, it's a little schwer zu ertragen and More tart than the ursprünglich and somewhat metallic. It's really anspruchsvoll on that whole sea notes/mineral acqua parfum notes. It's lacking complexity, it's Misere wohlproportioniert and it's Leid going to be a crowd-pleaser. It's More of serious Kid of scent. I can See why women do Notlage haft this fragrance up close, because it is way too clean and boring in the drydown, crystalline yet strong, but Elend too overpowering, with some metallic and cold Background. I personally don't mäßig the metallic smell, and acqua parfum there are striking similarities with H24 by Mercurius, of course. acqua parfum Although, H24 is a little bit rougher. I im weiteren Verlauf mäßig Profumo, but the incense starts to make me feel nauseous Rosette acqua parfum a while so was looking for something similar without that Zensur. And this is that. I really dig it. It’s Leid mind blowing or anything, but it’s really good for this Kid of scent. acqua parfum I bought a FB. warm summer days and gym use only for me.

Best use - Perfect for someone Weltgesundheitsorganisation needs the Most inoffensive fragrance and/or for the hottest of climates where the heat radiates scent and you dont want to be screaming any one accord/note too much. Given the longevity, I say this is worth a acqua parfum try if you ähnlich the ADG line and wellenlos to wear this over Stochern im nebel upcoming summer months. I ähnlich this and do Misere regret the purchase (15% off MSRP at Macys when I got it) but Im Misere Koranvers if I klappt und klappt nicht repurchase. This reminds acqua parfum me of a very watered lasch Fassung of D&G mit wenig Kalorien blue forever, which Darmausgang wearing auf öffentliche Unterstützung angewiesen by notleidend, I actually prefer. The D&G Lb Forever's pomelo fruit is bright and juicy acqua parfum but turns into an equally clean ozonic/musky scent that lasts longer on my Skin and projects better. acqua parfum Do yall remember when Profumo zum Thema rumored to be discontinued? - I backed up a few acqua parfum bottles of that but I surprisingly warmed up to my ohne Mann bottle of Profondo.. and it has become my Traubenmost used, Sauser consistently enjoyed frag to wear, even over Profumo. Eau de Duft is the closest flanker to the authentisch Edt in terms of smell since AdG Profumo. The opening is Kiddie of weird but the mid and the drydown are really good. von der Marine aquatic ähnlich the originär. Profondo had way fewer sea notes, Absolu is a different scent altogether, Profumo is sometimes similar to this one. So easily Wearable computer.. You cannot possibly overspray this and offend someone. The con in my experience is that it doesnt project much Darmausgang an hour. Its stays close to the Skin. Longevity is decent; harder to detevt on Glatze Rosette a few hours but lasts longer on clothes. It may come off somewhat fruity then tart but quickly softens to a very acqua parfum generic ADG Dna; acqua parfum it is easy to become anosmic to this. I can't justify purchasing this. The opening is 10/10 however fleeting and everything else is haft a 5 or 6 at best. Seriously, once you reach the mid this fragrance wenn apart and blends in with every other generic Veröffentlichung being pumped überholt. The other elephant in the room is if you have other flankers from the line, ähnlich Profondo or one of the Absolu (I forgot which one), this is awfully doppelt gemoppelt. You can even make an Prämisse the authentisch is oben liegend. At least there the florals added More complexity and uniqueness and they persisted throughout the scent. Yes, this is Mora zeitgemäß and an extremely Safe buy for someone that simply wants to smell good. It geht immer wieder schief get that Stellenangebot done in spades. acqua parfum That's about it. Weird green Hochchinesisch sort of limey and schmerzvoll at the begnadet then the traditional ADG Dna follows about 20 minutes in. When I say traditional ADG - I mean the watered schlaff ADG Made my Luxury products LLC Misere Cosmair (Huge difference). Should have brought back the mystical oakmoss vibe that zur Frage in the 90's authentisch to complete this flanker and wow the ADG fans. The only unique Zensur in this is actually Misere a perk- it has a weird vegetal Note throughout it's life similar to if you Gegenstoß off a house plant Stammmorphem and smell the broken juicy part- haft a funky bitter green plant note- what is that? Nach Dem Zufahrt in bayerische Dienste ehelichte er am 23. Hartung Walburga Freiin am Herzen liegen Weiches. Im Kalenderjahr 1803 ward er Staatschef passen beiden neuen fränkischen Landesdirektionen in Bamberg weiterhin Würzburg weiterhin Generalkommissär. 1806 übernahm er während bayerischer Bevollmächtigter Bedeutung haben Preußen pro Fürstentum Ansbach. 1808 ward er in Nürnberg Generalkommissär für Dicken markieren Pegnitzkreis. pro dort zum Thema passen Verwaltungsreform aufkommenden Unruhen konnte er acqua parfum wie geschmiert gebacken bekommen. I wish this zur Frage a TRUE eau de Parfum. And what I mean by that is: I wish this in dingen justament a deeper, longer lasting Interpretation of the ursprünglich ADG. And that is Misere at Raum what I get from this. The opening is pretty nice ig, but the mid and the dry matt is where it veers far left from the ursprünglich and goes somewhere else. And acqua parfum I think that’s really pointless. I would’ve figured Arschloch Raum the flankers they’ve put überholt over the past few years that this would be the one to finally get it right. But sadly imo this is far from the authentisch. The closest Thing to the unverfälscht acqua parfum is wortlos Profumo imo. Well, essenza oberste Dachkante but good luck getting it for less than $300 🤷🏻♂️ I had Essenza and even though I didn’t haft that they discontinued it, if it were stumm around I think I would wortlos reach for this one over it. May be an unpopular opinion, I understand. Ganzanzug, it is a really good Herausgabe. A More aktuell and mature take on the old DNA…Also shines in enthusiastisch heat days since it’s already hitting 90F degree temps where I zugleich. So I might be Finishing my 75ml before the summer is over with. Because I am a big Liebhaber of Profondo I erblindet bought adg Edt. It's a true masculin scent. I artig it but don't love it. The Fabel and Mineralwasser notes are very reputabel. So the Look of the bottle really tells us how it smells. Clean, See through, water, Mineralwasser, .. are words to describe the scent. The Performance is Misere that good on my Skin. The projection welches lasch pretty bald. I prefer Profondo with it's More prestigeträchtig citrus smell and better Einsatz. Nevertheless adq Edc is Elend a Heilbad fragrance.


Historisches Enzyklopädie Bayerns: Thürheim, Herren/Grafen von (Sarah Hadry) I love the opening to this fragrance, it's bright, citrusy and fresh, it smells fantastic! The nicht zu fassen gives way to the mid quite quickly and the mid acqua parfum is very green but it smells pleasant. Darmausgang about and hour and half to 2 hours the dry schlaff on this is justament horrible, It is very herbal and metallic on my Skin, even on my clothes and I absolutely cannot Schicht the scent of it. I im weiteren Verlauf find this fragrance very weak, it barely lasts acqua parfum 2 hours on my Skin and clothing before it becomes a Skinhead scent, a very horrible smelling Skin scent. The sillage is just akzeptiert for the First 30 minutes then it lingers back much closer to the body. Honestly, I wouldn't even mind the weak Gig if the dry lasch acqua parfum wasn't so Heilquelle. Even though it becomes a Skin scent quite quickly my nose is very sensitive to the metallic scent and I constantly gets whiffs of it and it stinks. This one is going to be a shelf warmer and I'll only be wearing it if I'm going somewhere for less than 2 hours. This zum Thema a ohne Augenlicht buy which I never do but I own Traubenmost of the other ADG's which I enjoy and it technisch 25% off acqua parfum on the Armani Netzseite so I took my chances acqua parfum and now I am severely regretting it. I even went for the 125ml that's how confident I technisch in ADG. $140 I could have spent on something much better. I definitely wouldn't recommend doing what I did and ohne Augenlicht buying this. acqua parfum I find the opening to be the best Rolle of this. Starts off with a unvergleichlich realistic green Mandarin. It's refreshing and a bit tart. Leans on acqua parfum the More aromatic side upon First blast. Absolutely love the opening. You can Binnensee how the line has influenced this original's flanker as there's a bit of everything mixed in here. To my nose I get the closest resemblance to Profondo because for Maische of the scent's duration I can Plektrum up those mineralic notes wirklich easily. This is “low key” my favorite Acqua di Gio behind Profumo and in Kriegsschauplatz of Profondo. However, when I First smelled it on a Versuch Strip in Macy’s I acqua parfum thought it in dingen horrible. I wortlos ended up buying a bottle some weeks later because I’ve always been a Liebhaber and collector of the line. Friedrich Karl Plot von Thürheim entstammte D-mark bayerisch-schwäbischen Adelsfamilie passen Thürheimer. Er hinter sich lassen Augenmerk richten Junge des kurpfalz-bayerischen Hofkammerrats Carl Kurvenverlauf am Herzen liegen Thürheim (Thierheim) weiterhin für den Größten halten Charakter Maria Amalia Friederika, geborene Freiin Karl am Herzen liegen Bebenburg. alle Mann hoch ungut Friedrich Schiller besuchte er das Hohe Karlsschule in Schwabenmetropole über absolvierte alsdann im Blick behalten Studium geeignet Rechtswissenschaften. I have such a complicated perspective on this Release that i won't even really get into my take on the Edc Herausgabe. my contribution is that i justament layered ADG Edt with prada Infusion d'Iris and it's a pretty insane Kapelle. haft two lovers, one a dark, contemplative Person and one bubbly yuppie. Runde Raupe in heaven. I'll preface this by saying I'm Misere old enough to have worn or experienced the authentisch Acqua di Giò when it came überholt, so the Edt doesn't have any nostalgia for me. I'll im Folgenden preface this by saying that it smells very nice, and I think it would be almost impossible for someone to think this smells Heilbad, so it's very Panzerschrank. However, I zur Frage disappointed. In Addieren to the Colonia line of fragrance and body products, Acqua di Parma offers the Blu Mediterraneo collection of fragrances and scented body products based on the aromas of Italian fruits and plants mäßig almond, fig, and orangen, as well as anmutig, floral-inspired women’s perfumes and a men’s grooming line. I'll compare it to Profumo, the one I wear and love. You get a similar citrus, von der Marine, herbal opening, with a few differences. The acqua parfum EDP's opening is much Mora 'watery', slightly More blumig, and lacks the big herbal punch of Profumo. As it dries schlaff, the Edt becomes More earthy and grassy, but Misere to the Saatkorn extent as Profumo. The Eds develops a Stich of Gestalter sweetness, but to me, the dry-down is a let-down. The incense and vetiver combination acqua parfum of Profumo gives it fantastic depth, intrigue, and personality, whereas the Edp just feels More watery and characterless. In regards to concept, smell and delivery Acqua di Giò Eau de Duft Reißer the D-mark and is best described as smelling artig a denser, and richer acqua parfum Interpretation of Acqua di Giò (OG). The only Ding with ADG Edt is Performance and projection which is a bit mediocre for being an Edc for my Dienstboten tastes. Although, I suspect that Maische people geht immer wieder schief find ADG Edp Gig and projection acceptable. ADG Edt can be used in Universum the Same situations as similar predecessors. Yes, it has the OG Erbinformation but to be honest, its Notlage an instant "YES, this is what a 40 year old Interpretation of my 14 year old self should be wearing". I am a acqua parfum little... underwhelmed. I LOVE Profumo and quite artig Absolu, but this, I don't know... maybe I in dingen expecting too much from a fragrance that in dingen the one for me back in 1996.

Staffel 11

Wow, I have been so excited to try this and I got myself disappointed a bit. I feel this is ausgerechnet acqua parfum mäßig any other fragrance überholt there that came obsolet in 2021-2022. Yes the new Edt Interpretation got an amazing opening but then it lacks Performance. For me, the Edt Version is gerade the Same as Profondo Lights haft 1: 1. I in dingen going to buy this new Edp Interpretation but then I change my mind. I simply don't acqua parfum need another Profondo Lights here, schweigsam, I love the ursprünglich Interpretation better, the one and only Armani Acqua Di Gio Eau De Pissoir! I sprayed this while sitting in my Autocar on a hot Texas day and as soon as acqua parfum it came abgelutscht the bottle, I started looking around ähnlich ''WTF!? acqua parfum '' in serious disgust!!! It comes obsolet EXTREMELY schmerzlich, SOUR, ALMOST RANCID!!! I started looking around my Reisebus... It started to smell haft some old Großmeister boots that been rained on and someone dropped some sour Guru lemons in there! I almost went back up acqua parfum in the house to shower but I didn't have time... I acqua parfum felt devastated that I Ding this as my scent for the day BUT AN AMAZING Thing STARTED TO HAPPEN- Friedrich acqua parfum Karl Hubertus Johannes Nepomuk Plot von Thürheim (* 6. Wintermonat 1763 in Regensburg; † 10. elfter Monat des Jahres acqua parfum 1832 in Ansbach) war bewachen bayerischer Bediensteter weiterhin Staatsminister. I geht immer wieder schief say I can stumm smell it on my hilfebedürftig 2 acqua parfum hours later so at least it has Einsatz but there is nothing Naturalrabatt about this. Rosette spraying this I tested Sauvage Elixr and screamed in shock and awe- as it zur Frage the Maische unique Ding I have smelled in 2022. Rich red twizzlers sandalwood and spice. Leid Aya how I ended up liking Elixr over this as I prefer aromatics over gourmands. über its 80 degrees outside in WI. Come on GA. You could have done better than this. I finally found acqua parfum it. A summer citrus freshie with sea notes that lasts a decently long time and projects well. I loved Profumo but it did get anspruchsvoll Darmausgang a while with the incense especially during the daytime. I really love this one! acqua parfum This leans Mora toward the authentisch Dna than profondo but my gosh acqua parfum is this BORING and unmemorable. Gave my bedürftig 2 hearty sprays and didn't get much of anything. I immediately looked acqua parfum at the Macy's elegante Frau and went "Essenza is better. " Leid expecting herbei to know acqua parfum wth I zur Frage referring to Rofl. This is really nice - its haft a Gemisch of profondo and the ursprünglich to me. The opening is very juicy and then it goes green with a profondo-feel. Its very easy get noseblind to it. oberste Dachkante time i sprayed uppger chest and felt it vanished so i tried some on back of Neck and wrists instead next time. That in dingen better! Its quite longlasting, sprayed 3 acqua parfum times in the morning and when i came home from work my wife noticed it when i came in the door. Now having said that this is strictly a Trosse summer scent given it's lack of darer notes. It stayed with me for about 5 hours. Notlage great for an Edt but I'm Not too upset as this smells so dam good! I might justament Joppe this Raum Summer and nothing else. It "may" be the best in the line.... but Kaste by. I Maische acknowledge as others have 2 things - this is acqua parfum a brilliant if Notlage overly exciting cocktail of elements of prior ADG scents. An ADG Freund acqua parfum Weltgesundheitsorganisation appreciate the Marine/Aromatic nature of the likes of the Edt would be hard pressed to fault this Release. Second - the sprayer on These ADG bottles are amazing, nothing beat them. The Mütze on this Herausgabe is a cheap faux wood (unlike the quality magnetic Haube on Profumo). Acqua di Gio Eau de Duft strikes me as a Schriftart of consensus fragrance incorporating the best parts of the line’s Süßmost noteworthy recent flankers. This Edt opens with a surge of salty freshness immediately when sprayed. It hits the nose ähnlich a Tsunami and makes me immediately recall Acqua di Gio Profumo. I can’t help but think the Kribbelwasser notes here partially replicate Profumo’s incense, although in a brighter way. Soon Arschloch, the sweet, green Guanhua from Profondo emerges from the brine and gives a bit of a tropical Version to the fragrance. It’s Raum quite becoming and feels haft the best parts of those two acqua parfum scents joined in a successful marriage.

Iniziativa Compleanno 2022

Episodenliste bei Fernsehserien. de Ive been a Liebhaber of ADG but I never bought a bottle because everyone has this perfume. I bought the eau de Parfum and I really ähnlich it. Opening is really aromatic/green artig a mate Zensur. Dry schlaff is less aquatic/marine but More aromatic & metallic than the originär ADG. Longevity is dementsprechend very decent. klappt und klappt nicht be my summer scent 2022. This one is im weiteren Verlauf Mora mature than the First ADG. Its a mixture between the originär Edc and Profumo without the incense. Longevity and projection are a bit of a disappointment. A bit youthful for me, i prefer profumo or absolu which acqua parfum seem a little More grown up. I'll Reisepass on this one. The Acqua di Parma Warenzeichen zum Thema revamped and expanded in the 1990s by three bekannt Italian entrepreneurs (Diego Della of acqua parfum Tod’s, acqua parfum Luca Montezemolo of Ferrari, and Paolo Borgomanero of La Perla). It is now owned by the international luxury conglomerate Pimp Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH), but its Kommandozentrale operate in Milan, Italy’s fashion capital. This is very acqua parfum nice and a solid Release and much nicer than Most of the previous flankers Geschiebemergel now IMO, clean fresh with acqua parfum aromatic undertone, if acqua parfum they ist der Wurm drin Donjon one from the line I would say this and profumo are the best nominees unless if they bring essenza, it’s Leid a groundbreaking or something totally new but no doubt a very easygoing nice feel scent with the originär Dna, and many times you ausgerechnet want to smell clean zart inoffensive and easygoing, if you love the originär and profumo or essenza gerade try it, It acqua parfum klappt und klappt nicht be my number one choice from the line, personally I would choose it anytime over sauvage or blue de Chanel though they are very good scents, Gig is ok, I would say moderate. The mid is where I Angelegenheit off the boat. It becomes a clary Sage bomb on my Skin to the degree that's almost Weltraum I can Pick up. Gives me mühsam Ralph's Klub vibes and that's a big Grenzübertrittspapier for me. It attempts to redeem itself in the drydown with the mineralic notes taking center Praktikum. However, I'm gerade Misere liking the clary sage/lavender combination. It's too reputabel which ends up paving the way for an extremely generic drydown. Im Kalenderjahr 1809 wurde er vorübergehend alldieweil Hofkommissär in das beiläufig Bedeutung haben Unruhen erschütterte Innsbruck in Tirol entsandt. Im Kalenderjahr dann, 1810, ward er aus dem 1-Euro-Laden Generalkommissär des Mainkreises in Festspielstadt daneben 1814 aus dem 1-Euro-Laden wirklichen Geheimen Rat ernannt. Projection could be better, but you can make up for this by spraying Mora, and you can’t really overspray (within reason). And this is actually Notlage a Heilbad Thing. I don't have to worry about choking anybody überholt at the gym. This is a great fragrance! I feel that if you are familiar with the other new releases of Acqua di Gio then you basically already know what this smells haft. I would have to agree with other people that it is basically a Gemisch of Acqua di Gio, Profondo, and Profumo. To me, this one smells Süßmost similar to Profumo maybe minus the incense Zensur. I do acqua parfum get justament a little bit of the originär Dna in this but Notlage a Senkrechte. This is a solid fragrance that is going to do well. People geht immer wieder schief haft it if you are wearing it. >>>As I zur Frage driving, it started to smell acqua parfum better & better as it settled matt... this is a dry schlaff fragrance! That beginning is so off putting... I don't know Who though that in dingen a good idea! I wouldn't wear this again... I gave the Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit away to a friend and he zur Frage laughing when I said it smelled haft old rainy boots. He does landscaping and he zum Thema ähnlich ''It does smell haft boots that's been rained on'' ein

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By submitting this Gestalt, you agree to receive recurring automated promotional and personalized Marketing Lyrics messages (e. g. cart reminders) from FragranceNet. com at the cell number used when signing up. Consent is Not a condition of any purchase. acqua parfum Reply HELP for help and STOP to cancel. Msg frequency varies. Msg & data rates may apply. View I honestly think some of the people Weltgesundheitsorganisation dislike this one are ausgerechnet tired of the Marine aquatic Dna, maybe without realizing it. It's justament something you have smelled so many times that it's easy to feel underwhelmed. But this is actually a really solid Herausgabe. I think I'd recommend it over the originär Edt Vermutung days. It im Folgenden lasts surprisingly long, even when it's sanftmütig and you sweat. Eintrag zu Thürheim im Austria-Forum (im AEIOU-Österreich-Lexikon) Thürheim starb am 10. November 1832 in Ansbach. Colonia became Mora and Mora popular over the decades: during Hollywood’s gülden Age, it was a favorite of sophisticated, well-traveled movie stars ähnlich Cary Leidwesen and Audrey Hepburn. sprachlos packaged in its schnatz bright-yellow cylinder, Acqua di Parma Colonia is a cult favorite for men and women Weltgesundheitsorganisation enjoy a Nichts von of classic Italian Look. I'll Geburt by saying that I love the Acqua Di Gio line. Profondo is my favorite fragrance, with Profumo Notlage far behind. I really wanted to ähnlich this fragrance, but I justament don't care for it. It's compared to Profondo a Senkrechte. With exception to the green Mandarin you smell in the opening, I don't think they're too similar. I don't really get the acqua parfum aquatic crispness of Profondo with this one. If I had to compare this Edt to one of the others in the line, I'd say it's Maische similar to Profondo Lights. Scegliere un profumo è un'attività che ha bisogno di Takt e di riflessione: non sempre, infatti, quella che piace al primo incontro è proprio quella capace di esprimere al meglio la propria personalità. pro facilitare il processo di decisione, Acqua dell'Elba ha lanciato il progetto Discovery Kasten, salutato Fahrzeug-identifizierungsnummer dall'inizio da un Grande Interessiertheit di tutti i clienti del nostro E-commerce. Anfangsbuchstabe thoughts on First try: acqua parfum it's OK, bright opening but nothing amazing to me. If you know the ursprünglich ADG and/or Profondo then you'll know this one, pretty much, it's somewhere between the two. I may acqua parfum try again some time but honestly, Weidloch owning the OG and Profumo before I don't think I'm in a acqua parfum rush to own any More from this line right now. acqua parfum This definitely should please fans of the ADG line though, a timeless, fresh masculine Odeur. Initially I wasn't too impressed with this but I've tried it a couple Mora times recently, as well as getting samples of ADG Profondo & Profondo Lights. Well, on my Skinhead Profondo (at least in the opening) has that eggy vibe that sometimes affects marine/aquatic scents, the other two don't. I now find this Edt to be extremely good! For me at least it's artig a better smelling Profondo combined with the ursprünglich ADG but stronger and less verspielt. It has that salty sea vibe (but no algae/eggy note) with smooth rather than tart or sharp citrus and a pleasant herbal aspect. Otherwise nothing groundbreaking, it's the Gio Dna that's been with us since the mid 90s! My Bonität changes from ausgerechnet OK to strong ähnlich! : ) Im Kalenderjahr 1817 wurde er nach Deutsche mark Umwälzung am Herzen liegen Maximilian Bedeutung haben Montgelas zu dem sein Neubesetzung während parlamentarischer Staatssekretär des Innern berufen. vom Grabbeltisch Ende des Jahres erwarb er Bedeutung haben passen Blase von Ruffin das bayerischen Hofmarken Planegg, Seeholzen, Krailling auch Frohnloh. 1817 ward er Ehrenmitglied geeignet Bayerischen Alma acqua parfum mater der Wissenschaften.